The investment of the annual 400.000 tonnes capacity Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facilities, the foundations of which were laid in April 2008 at the Osmaniye Facility on a 350.000 m2 area was completed in a short time of 1 year and have started production in April 2009. Our facility has a very broad production portfolio in the diameter range of Ø 16”–Ø 126”, meeting all norms regarding spiral pipes with the API standards at the forefront. In the facilities, which have the newest production technology, additionally all kinds of internal and external protective coatings can be applied. We can Supply pipes according to all well-known domestic and international standards.

Following to successfully supply of 500 km natural gas pipeline projects for Algeria and 400 km for Tunisia, TOSÇELİK SPİRAL PIPE, which is proud to be the main pipe producer of the project by supplying the full 470 km section of the century project TANAP-TRANS ANATOLIAN PIPE LINE. Gaziantep of State Hydraulic Works. - It has also delivered total of 200,000 tons of pipes to its projects that will deliver drinking water to Turkish provinces Trabzon and Elazig.

As a global pipe manufacturer, we supplied line pipes for the BRUA Natural Gas Pipeline Project, which will connect Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria.

BRUA Interconnector Project consists of 32 ”diameter and 478 km long natural gas pipes and connection equipment delivery to 14 stock areas along the line. When the project is completed, the total length of the pipeline will be 480km, and the natural gas carrying capacity will be 4.4 bcm.


First Step

The success story of Tosyalı Holding goes all the way back to 1952 when the Father, Serif TOSYALI, produced handcrafted stove pipes and boiler buckets in a 9 meter square shop in Iskenderun with his sons.


Fuat, Ayhan ve Fatih TOSYALI

Since then the Craftsman Serif’s sons Fuat, Ayhan and Fatih took over the TOSYALI flag and started commercial life.


Tosyalı Metal Trade

When the young and hardworking brothers, who were shaped by the sounds of hammers on sheet metal, had established Tosyalı Metal Trade, the results of their patience and hard work.


Precence Known In Iskenderun Area

Three brothers who followed in the path of their father in trade, made their presence known in the market at the Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zone


Tosyalı Iron and Steel Industry

The Brothers prepared to realize their investment idea for Tosyalı Iron and Steel Industries INC. This investment, which was completed only a year later, included the first rolling mill where construction iron would start to be produced and bracket production would start in the following year.


Tosyalı Foreign Trade

After Turkey the family began preparations to open out to other countries and decided to establish Tosyalı Foreign Trade INC.


Tosçelik Profile and Sheet Industries

One of the locomotives of the holding, Tosçelik Profile and Sheet Industries INC. was established in the Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zone. Only a year later all of the companies active in the sector convened under the roof of Tosyalı Holding.


Social Responsibilities

Tosyalı Holding Chairman of Board of Directors Fuat TOSYALI was awarded with an “Honorary Certiicate” for his service to health and education by the President of the time, Süleyman DEMIREL.


Tosçelik Galvanized Pipe Production

The investment in the Tosçelik Galvanized Pipe Production Facility began in 2002. While the group began dispatching galvanized pipes 2 years after this investment. They also decided to begin producing natural gas pipes and low carbon steel granules (balls) in 2005.


800 million US $ Export

Along with all of these developments Tosyalı Holding succeeded in being ranked 90th in Turkey with 800 Million dollar export.


Spiral Pipe Investment

The Tosyalı Family began seeking out new investments to further fortify their place in the sector. Two such investments, Osmaniye Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Production Facility and Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat – Structural Steel Production Facility started building in April 2008.


Spiral Mill Start Production

With the Tosçelik brand reinforcing its power in industry more each day, The Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facility within the Osmaniye Plant began production in April of 2009


Investor of the Year

In 2010, Fuat Tosyalı was named as “Investor of the Year” at the World Newspaper’s Honorary Podium of Economy and on the same date Tosçelik Profile and Sheet Industries INC. became the champion in income tax for the province of Hatay.


Tosçelik in 17th Place

Tosçelik Proile and Sheet Industries INC. as the leader of the sector rose to 17th place in the ISO 2010 top 500 companies list, Tosyalı Iron and Steel was positioned at 152nd place.


Tosçelik in 1st Place

Thus two Tosyalı companies continued to hold significant places in the ISO 500 list. In the “Anatolia 500” ranking, organized by the Economist magazine, Tosçelik Proil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.S. rose to 1st place in 2013 taking a position at the top of the rankings.



Tosçelik has been awarded as a main pipe supplier to TANAP (Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project).



Tosçelik Spiral Pipe signed a € 127 million pipe supply contract with Romanian National Gas Operator for the BRUA Natural Gas Pipeline Project, which will connect Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria.